What is a Hybrid Marijuana Strain?

When you visit a dispensary to purchase cannabis, you have tons of choices. It is exciting to legally purchase cannabis, but daunting as you discover just how many choices there really is. Of the voices, you’ll need to pick from hybrid, indica, and sativa marijuana strains. Today we’ll talk about hybrid marijuana strains.

What is a Marijuana Hybrid?

A marijuana hybrid strain is a cross between a indica and a sativa strain. In other words, an indica strain and a sativa strain were bred together to create the new strain. Some hybrids are dominant to either indica or sativa, but have very different effects than either. Using a hybrid marijuana allows you to enjoy the full body effects of an indica strain with the head high that a sativa delivers. Many people enjoy hybrids far more than a solo strain.

Popular Marijuana Hybrid Strains

marijuana dispensary Chicago

Many different hybrid strains are sold at the marijuana dispensary Chicago. The selection varies from day to day. Some of the most popular hybrid strains include:

·    Blue Dream

·    Girl Scout Cookies

·    Strawberry Banana

·    Cannatonic

·    Gorilla Glue

·    Blissful Wizard

This is only a handful of the top hybrid strains available. Keep in mind that new strains become available frequently as well. There will always be awesome hybrid marijuana strains to choose from.

Why Choose a Hybrid Strain/

Choose a hybrid strain first and foremost, because you can. As a smoker, don’t you want to try out all of the things that are offered to you? It is nice to experience new type of highs. The more products that you experience, the more of these enjoyable experiences you have. But most importantly, hybrids give you the best of both worlds. You enjoy a little body high, a little head high, and a whole lot of enjoyment when the day is done.

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