A Natural Hair Loss Remedy

Losing your mind is one thing. Losing your hair is quite another. The experience of this sudden and dramatic loss can be quite traumatic, it is enough to let you lose your mind. And after that, there is a frantic rush trying to find that magic or mystery cure. No such thing. No such luck, folks. Just ask your doctor. Chemical cures are a bit tricky. For some it may work, very few, mind you. But for others, no. And forget about medical prescriptions, and especially over the counter remedies. It is give and take all of the time.

It is touchwood whether these will work for you. The doctor’s input will be valuable in confirming whether or not a platelet rich plasma treatment will work. You could also chance your arm and go direct to the hair restoration specialist and let him inspect your scalp. He will probably have to take a blood sample in order to determine whether this treatment process is feasible for you or not. Nine times out of ten, it may work. Why is this? Well, for one thing, the entire process seems to be quite safe.

platelet rich plasma treatment

That’s because no chemical prescriptions are being used. So, no side effects for you there. And then there is no actual surgery. So, no risks there either. The platelet rich plasma treatment is entirely natural. It is utilizing your own blood to help revitalize those areas of your scalp where the hair was lost so suddenly. Over time, men may be able to make peace with going bald. It is perceived by society to be quite normal. But not for women. This is utterly traumatic and not all women will be comfortable with wearing wigs for the rest of their lives.

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